People Problems? It might be (at least partly) You!

Mark Weber’s CFFB presentation - September 29, 2023

For many years, CFFB members have enjoyed Mark Weber’s “people and business” insights.

This year, Mark was the keynote speaker at CFFB’s AGM.

Again, Mark engaged our membership with his entertaining and educational messages. It is always a pleasure when Mark reminds us of his “main message” and shares further details on how we can use his “main message” to improve the way we understand people’s behaviour…and our own behaviour.

Here’s a summary of the messages I took away from Mark’s September 29th CFFB presentation:

  1. Importance of Direct Communication: A key to success is direct communication. Written messages, like emails, can stifle creativity. For significant messages, it is vital to convey them in person.
  2. Understanding Problems: It is essential to discern if issues are people-related or situation-related. Recognizing patterns in people’s behaviour is crucial, but it is equally important to note the nuances and not make broad generalities.
  3. Individual Differences: Everyone is unique regarding their needs for growth, context, satisfaction, and their knowledge and skills. Recognizing these differences is a key to effective management and leadership.
  4. Job Crafting: Consider if jobs can be designed or framed differently to fit individual needs better.
  5. Relationship Crafting: Building and fostering relationships within the organization.
  6. Cognitive Crafting: Changing the way one perceives their role and its significance.
  7. Organizational Impact: While bad bosses can be a reason for people leaving, the overarching organizational system and those who design it play a more significant role.
  8. Obligations to Employees: drawing on Max DePree’s wisdom, organizations owe their employees –
    • Rationality: Logical and consistent decision-making processes.
    • Space: An environment where employees can develop and grow.
    • Momentum: Keeping the forward motion and progress.
    • Pride Association: Letting employees feel proud of where they work.
    • Civility: Defending civility.

Throughout his presentation, Mark Weber provided insightful anecdotes, such as the story of the custodian in the hospital who brought personal significance to her role…benefitting others through her special gift to others…and benefitting everyone who has the pleasure of hearing Mark share the story.

Rick Baker, P.Eng., ICD.D

CFFB member