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Our Strength is in Our People

The Centre for Family Business (CFFB) strives to help business families reach their fullest potential and has become one of Canada’s largest membership-based family business associations. Since 1997, CFFB has been delivering relevant educational programs and providing the necessary support that allows families to achieve their entrepreneurial goals, fulfill their dreams and strengthen their families.

We come together regularly to build relationships, have helpful, deep or just joyful conversations, to learn together, to tell our family business stories and to share meals. All our participants – members, sponsors, advisors and guests – both give and receive value when we meet. It is a very special experience, and we hope you will join us, and see the value for yourself!

Our mission is to support, educate and energize family businesses through the following activities:

Nowhere else can Southwestern Ontario family businesses receive such specific, targeted and effective training as at the CFFB. A peer-supported network gives family businesses the tools they need to build healthy families and stronger businesses in a competitive landscape.

Listen to What Our Members Have to Say

Our Rich History, Rooted in Our Local Heritage

The origins of The Centre For Family Business began with discussions between Milo Shantz, Peter Hallman and John Fast, the first Executive Director of The Centre at a restaurant in St. Jacobs in 1997. Milo voiced his concern for all local family businesses with regard to succession planning. Are these family businesses ready? Who or what organizations were available to provide guidance and advice?

This group then thought about engaging a family business expert to address a gathering of local family business owner/operators. The message was distributed through the Mennonite churches to find out if there would be any interest.

This first meeting was held at Conrad Grebel University College. John Ward was the guest speaker. He provided an excellent and timely presentation. After the speaker, John Fast asked for a show of hands to indicate how many people might be interested in forming some type of organization to deal with family business issues.

From these very humble beginnings, the Centre for Family Business has grown to approximately 65 family business members today. The Centre continues to provide relevant educational programs as well as opportunities to network with other family businesses. Member achievements and milestones are honoured annually at the year-end Gala.

The Board of the Centre for Family Business continues to work diligently to fulfill its mission of Supporting, Educating and Energizing family businesses.

CFFB Board of Directors

As a non-profit organization we are governed by our Board of Directors, which is formed of family business member volunteers, affiliates and sponsors from within our general membership. It is their role to ensure that the family business community is receiving the value and support they have come to expect from our organization since 1997, and we thank each of them for their contribution.


Michael Kirby

Alltruck International

Michelle Hundt-Tupman

Michelle Hundt-Tupman
Past President

Great Canadian Holidays & Coaches
Board Member Since: 2012
Program & Events Committee

Donald Linders

Donald Linders

Board Member Since: 2013
Program & Events Committee

Sherry Hempel

Sherry Hempel

Board Member Since: 2018
Program & Events Committee

Scott Wagler

Scott Wagler

Josslin Insurance
Board Member Since: 2003
Sponsorship Committee

Sheila Hannon

Sheila Hannon

Systems Plus
Board Member Since: 2006
Chair of Membership Committee

Graham Taylor

Graham Taylor

Knapp Fasteners Inc.
Board Member Since: 2019
Chair of Communications & Marketing Committee

04 Justin Caldwell

Justin Caldwell
Vice President

Richardson Wealth – The Caldwell Housepian Group
Board Member Since: 2021

Liam McIntosh photo

Liam McIntosh

Board Member Since: 2022

Lance_3192 Crop

Lance nielsen

Board Member Since: 2020
Communications & Marketing Committee

Brians photo

Brian Bourke
Executive Director