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The Centre for Family Business thrives on helping our members connect and network with one another and also promote their skills and experiences.

As a CFFB Member, don’t just stop after gaining access to invaluable resources and workshops for family businesses! Take advantage of your membership and gain exposure by networking with other members, sharing your own stories and skills, and being featured in discussions and podcasts about real-world issues that family businesses experience.

Be recognized as a leader yourself and energize your community of family businesses.

How Can I Energize My Business?

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Family Business Stories

Everyone has a story. But family businesses make even better stories. Why? Because not one story is the same and each family has unique dynamics to work with and unique struggles to overcome that help make you stand out. We don’t just want to hear your story, we want to share your story with our membership and our community. 

Join us to hear about our latest family stories and gain access to a wide range of networking and educational opportunities that don’t just benefit you, but everyone around you.

Our Latest Podcast

Our CFFB Podcasts are an excellent place for you to energize our community by sharing your experiences and insights on real-world problems.

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