Family Business Stories

Shining the Spotlight on Your Business and Your Family

As a family business, you are unique and you are special. You have an inspiring origin story borne out of hard work and a legacy to preserve amongst future generations. Simply put, there is no comparison between what you have to deal with and what other large corporations have to manage. But you are not alone! 

Through the Centre for Family Business, listen to other family businesses share their stories about how they have had to deal with real-world issues that hit close to home. Maybe you need to think about family business succession, maybe you’re working with your in-laws, and maybe you’re just riding the waves of family dynamics. Our members, their stories, and their experiences inspire us to continue connecting family businesses together so that we can all grow and inspire each other.

Why This is Our Members' Favourite

Widely Recognized as a Members Favourite

Our members find it interesting to learn about what makes their fellow family businesses unique and what they have so proudly achieved, helping them to better relate to their peers, and feel that they are not alone in their own business journeys.

The value of relationships and peer support in the family business community are among the greatest benefits CFFB has to offer. Having a group of people who understand and can sympathize, but can also offer insight and feedback to your issues backed by real life experience is invaluable.

If you are a Family Business Member, we encourage you to share your story with our membership! CFFB Staff will assist your family every step of the way, ensuring that your presentation is a success! There are many options for you to consider regarding the delivery of your presentation, and these will be reviewed with you during your initial preparation meeting.

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