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Industry Type: Estate Planning


Every family in business has its own approach to juggling the blending of commercial business needs and emotional family demands.

When considering your estate objectives and developing an estate plan however, in addition to tax efficiency, intergenerational wealth transfer and philanthropy, a number of unique additional critical influences must be addressed.  These can include:

  • next generation leadership transitioning
  • family involvement in corporate management and board structure
  • addressing the issue of some family members not being involved in the business

With over thirty years of experience operating and owning family businesses and having assisted numerous local family businesses with trust and estate planning, the team at Erb and Erb is well positioned to offer qualified and experienced assistance when it is time to begin, update or review your estate planning.

If you are having concerns regarding the future planning for your business family, you can be almost certain that they won’t simply disappear.  We specialize in helping business families identify challenges and opportunities, map out their options and implement the chosen strategic actions.

If you are thinking about or facing any of the following milestones, the time is likely right to give us a call.

  • Next generation are joining the business
  • There isn’t clarity about who’s doing what
  • You’d like to retire but not sure how to go about it
  • You are not sure things are structured to accomplish you legacy desires
  • Dad and/or Mom wont “let go”
  • You’re not sure of what to do next

References are readily available from accountants, lawyers and other family business members.

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