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Part Time CFO Services works with entrepreneurs and their management teams to address business challenges and maximize opportunities.  Our team brings their extensive experience working with family businesses, providing solutions to guide your company towards meeting its short-term goals and achieving its long-term vision.   We identify and implement new strategies to improve your business’ profitability, at a fraction of the cost of a full time CFO

Paul has spent over thirty years in corporate finance, with both private and public companies.  He has an extensive background in process improvement, modelling, cost control and debt and equity financings.  He has helped arrange credit lines, including syndicated bank facilities and completed an IPO as a CFO.  He has been deeply involved in the M&A field, helping several companies complete over a dozen successful acquisitions and integrations.  Paul enjoys working with teams to focus on business drivers and eliminate tasks that do not create value for stakeholders.   He is a Chartered Professional Accountant and also holds a Certified Treasury Professional designation.

Paul Kroetsch, CPA, CMA, CTP
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