Company: Abundance Canada

Industry Type: Charitable Giving


Every business owner should consider charitable giving as part of their financial planning. The benefits may offer tax advantages and your generous support impacts a worthy cause. Marlow Gingerich, a gift planning consultant with Abundance Canada, is an expert in charitable giving and has extensive knowledge of developing appropriate giving strategies that best suits your scenario.

Abundance Canada offers a customized gift planning service by helping you to match your interests and philanthropic goals with your assets and a timeline. We can assist you by facilitating a simple donation of cash or something more complex such as:

  • a charitable gift in a will;
  • donating stocks, mutual funds or private company shares;
  • setting up a family foundation;
  • a gift of life insurance;
  • donating anonymously.

Our confidential consultation service is free, with no obligations.

Abundance Canada is a public foundation registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  Since 1974, we have helped individuals with charitable giving during their lifetime and through their estate.

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207-50 Kent Avenue, Kitchener ON N2G 3R1

Phone: 519.745.7821 ex. 208
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