Company: Neustyle Software & Systems

Industry Type: Software & Information Systems Solutions


You want to continuously improve your Systems within your Family Business.

Most Family Businesses want to improve in these areas to:

  • Ensure their competitiveness…their sustainability
  • Automate to reduce operating costs
  • Have dashboards and other real-time information tools
  • Remove the frustration of out-of-date systems
  • Capture & analyse information in real time
  • Identify processing problems early, before they become costly
  • Ensure top-level information security
  • Earn higher profits

By starting with an understanding of your business processes, we can help by:

  • Identifying existing systems
  • Identifying excessive cost factors: double-entry, overtime, etc.
  • Identifying your top-bang-for-buck improvements
  • Building the software and web-tools your people need to do their work efficiently

Jack Baker’s Bio
Jack helps family business people solve technical & system problems. He helps improve efficiency with custom designed and developed software solutions.

  • Masters in Software Engineering
  • Professional Engineer
  • 13+ years’ experience designing, implementing, installing and maintaining custom hardware and software

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