Year Founded: 1991

Number of Employees: 2

Industry Type: Business Growth Advisory

CFFB Member Since: 2020

Family Generation: 1st


J.D. Creaghan Group works with business owners and executives to guide family businesses, corporations and organizations of all sizes through the rough waters of growth or change.

By following a methodology developed over the years, J.D. Creaghan Group will carefully and extensively benchmark various areas so that a tailored plan can be implemented and, most importantly, measured.

This consulting program examines the company vision (including values, beliefs, and behaviours) for the next 3 to 5 years. It is a deep dive into the organization, based on the outcome of the initial assessment. This program is highly action-oriented in order to solidly prepare a company for growth, family generational transition or sale.

Led by Jonathan Creaghan, our team of expert strategists from various fields are called upon to offer insights and assistance throughout the growth of the organization. Whether that be HR, operations, sales and marketing or leadership you will have a complete customized team of professionals behind you. This is what makes our Business Growth Program different from any other you may be considering.

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Phone: 519.472.2562
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