Year Founded: 1996

Number of Employees: 30

Industry Type: Manufacturing

CFFB Member Since: August 2004

Family Generation: 1st


AMKAD Metal Components Inc. is a world class manufacturer of parts using powder metallurgy technology.
AMKAD is a Canadian, family owned business, and we are dedicated to maintaining a high level of quality and reliability in servicing our customers.

Benefits of Powder Metallurgy (P/M)

The P/M process is a very effective method to produce metal parts and components; offering these many advantages:

  • Greater Versatility
  • Flexibility in the parts shape and design.
  • Ability to produce combinations of metals not possible by other methods.
  • Pores can be infiltrated with other metals for special properties and 100% density.
  • Controlled porosity makes possible such products as self-lubricating bearings and surfaces.
  • Ability to fabricate special configurations impossible or difficult to machine by conventional methods.

High Quality & Precision

  • P/M process makes it possible to manufacture parts of exceptional strength and durability.
  • Good dimensional control with tolerances held within 0.001″.
  • Consistent dimensions are accurate/repeatable from part to part,order to order, year to year.
  • Produces exceptional surface finishes.

Greater Economic Value

  • P/M is a net shape process with minimal waste of raw materials.
  • Raw materials are readily available and inexpensive.
  • P/M parts are produced at/very close to final dimensions; eliminating/minimizing machining.
  • Greater actual production rates than most manufacturing methods.
  • Short preparation time from design to finished part.

Contact Information:

537108 Oxford County Rd #34
PO Box 149
Tavistock, ON N0B 2R0

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