January 29th Lunch Summary

 In Breakfast Seminar

Jim Beretta provided a great deal of advice about social media and how family businesses can put it to good use.

Here are some of the valuable things I ‘took away’:

  • We are going to check out a number of social media options, which we could use to amplify our business communications
  • We will not use social media to Sell – as Jim recommended, we will use social media to deliver valuable messages, people will find valuable
  • From the various social-media options, we will pick two or three and focus our efforts on putting them to good use, delivering information that will help others
  • For example: we will pick LinkedIn [which we have used quite a bit in the past] and we will seriously consider using Facebook [which Jim recommended for business use]

We will follow Jim’s advice, as examples:

  • make sure our communications use the words people search when they look for companies that deliver what we deliver
  • dedicate time to social media and ‘post’ communications regularly
  • think about who we will ‘link with” – for example, in the future, we will only accept LinkedIn invitations when we believe it could be possible to develop a mutually-beneficial business relationship
  • we will update our profiles and make sure they do not come across like résumés
  • we will use stories rather than tech words or bland descriptions

Thank you, Jim, for your thorough explanation of social media.

Rick Baker, Spirited Leaders

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