Sharing Wisdom – Building Friendships

Based on the concept that: all who sit at a roundtable contribute equally and learn from one another, the Roundtables at CFFB offer members the opportunity for specific training on essential business skills and family systems. Trained moderators, comprehensive agendas and clear rules of conduct ensure each meeting provides the greatest return on investment.

Each monthly meeting includes a presentation by a Roundtable member followed by a teaching component, which will focus on key management and/or ownership skills, systems and processes.

In addition to event your Roundtable Membership Includes:

  • Getting Started group training session
  • Individual moderator training and entrepreneur development
  • Roundtable Best Practice Guide and custom Self Discovery workbooks
  • One-on-one access to family business experts through Roundtable Receptions
  • Second intake session – a second opportunity every year to add new members to a Roundtable group
  • Exclusive access to resources such as guest speaker referral lists, topic ideas and sample agendas
  • Ongoing administrative support

Join A Roundtable

If you are currently a CFFB Member, Advisor or Corporate Partner representative, then you are automatically approved to be a Member of a Roundtable.

The purpose for completing this form is to ensure that you are matched-up with the appropriate group of peers in order to maximize your experience. The more information you can provide us with – the better.

  • One-time only initiation fee: $600

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