My Uncle Jack’s Plus-Minus Theory

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Submitted by Baker Investment Group Inc. – Written by Rick Baker

On a warm summer afternoon a couple of months ago, I was sitting on my Uncle Jack’s porch…chatting with him about many things, some serious and some definitely-not. That’s when he surprised me by asking, “Haven’t I ever told you my Plus-Minus Theory?” I said “No” and sat back to catch a little more shade and listen to my Uncle Jack’s Plus-Minus Theory. He explained, “At the end of the day we should think about the ‘pluses’ of the day and the ‘minuses’ of the day. If we find the ‘minuses’ consumed more than 75% of the day then we better make changes.” Now, since that afternoon, I have thought about pluses and minuses every single day. And, I have shared my Uncle Jack’s ‘theory’ with a number of folks. Each time I share the story and the theory I talk about the thoughts I have had for several years about feeling good and feeling bad at work and the thoughts I had about measuring these feelings. I talk about the fact I have worked at teaching and helping people learn the importance of doing these things. I talk about the Minus10-to-Plus10 Scale we use to measure feelings. And, I never fail to mention I had no idea my favourite Uncle had already established a ‘theory’ on this topic, beating me [and many of the motivational gurus by decades]. Clearly, this is proof we need to spend more time with our Favourite Uncles!

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