COVID-19 Resources

The Centre for Family Business is here to support you during this time of uncertainty. It is important we all look out for one another and share resources, recommendations based on qualified expert opinions and any other information that may assist our members to navigate through these uncharted waters. Centre for Family Business has the most respected sponsors in the Waterloo region and Canadian business so we will be distributing their insights and information as it becomes available to us. You may see this information more than once through different channels but we are confident the importance validates numerous postings.

BDO, a valued CFFB sponsor, has created a COVID-19 resource centre, designed to help your business adapt and respond to the crisis from managing the immediate impact to your organization, to developing long-term strategies for success.


How Family Businesses Can Respond To The Pandemic: Collaboration, Openness And Sharing The Burden

Leveraging the Board in Times of Crisis

Supporting staff during COVID-19

COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Programs

Cash Flow Strategies and Government Incentives in the time of COVID-19

Situational Planning for a Quick Response

One of CFFB’s advisors, CopperTree Solutions is offering free consulting for strategic home office optimization to the local business community. For more information, please contact Graham Hardie at


Planning for the Post-COVID-19 Retail World

Tax updates in the wake of COVID-19

How to avoid the coronavirus phishing and social media scams

COVID-19: Business Resilience

Maintaining Business Continuity During the Coronavirus Crisis

Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

Summary of Government Programs for COVID-19


How to Manage Anxiety Surrounding Coronavirus: Tips to Stay Clearheaded During Times of Uncertainty

How to Inspire Your Family to Declutter

How to Create a Great Daily Routine

Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s Guide to Self Isolation

How to Thrive In Our New Normal

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