Are you a member of a family business? Then you know the unique, sometimes extra-stressful issues that mixing family dynamics and business can bring.

Maybe you are the parent, ready to hand over the reigns, but not sure how to make the transition. Or maybe you are a 3rd or 4th generation owner, working with a sibling, cousin or aunt, and moving a decades old company into new sectors is causing some problems. Or, maybe your family all gets along wonderfully, but you just aren’t sure how to navigate the turbulent business waters of the current economy.

No matter what your role or current situation, help can be found at the CFFB. Regardless of your size, revenue, longevity or infrastructure, we know you will find both value and meaning in belonging to CFFB. And we would love to welcome you to our fun and friendly group.

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CFFB membership is exclusive to family businesses: A family business is defined as “two or more members of a family, working together in business.”

  • Annual Investment: $1,400.00

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Price: $1,400.00

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