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Centre for Family Business Roundtables

The Centre for Family Business has a track record of forming and facilitating helpful groups, called Roundtables, that provide ongoing support to members of family businesses in the community. Our self-led Roundtables are comprised of six to eight members that typically meet once each month to offer support and guidance to Centre for Family Business (CFFB) members.

Unlike working with a consultant, where there’s a business transaction, here we connect real people to professionals with first-hand experience.

Completely confidential, these private, peer-to-peer groups provide family business owners the opportunity to connect with other family business owners for mentorship and knowledge gained through personal, lived experience.

CFFB Roundtables are not just about sharing knowledge and solutions — they’re about building connections.

You can expect:

  • ‘Getting Started’ group training session
  • Individual moderator training and entrepreneur development
  • Roundtable Best Practice Guide and custom Self-Discovery Workbooks
  • One-on-one access to family business experts through Roundtable Receptions
  • Second intake session: a second opportunity every year to add new members to a Roundtable group
  • Exclusive access to resources including, guest speaker referral lists, topic ideas, sample agendas, and more
  • Annual Roundtable Check Up from CFFB Executive Director
  • Ongoing administrative support

By joining a Roundtable, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your challenges and issues with other family business owners who are highly-skilled professionals across various industries. Roundtables are also a great way to connect with people from family businesses who have their own perspectives to offer.

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