Jim Beretta visits our Centre For Family Business [CFFB]

 In Best Practices, Breakfast Seminar

Submitted by Rick Baker Spirited Leaders

Jim Beretta spoke at our last CFFB breakfast…at The Hub.

The topic of the day was “Customer Attraction in the Google Era“.

Here’s a summary of some of Jim’s points…

Customer Attraction #1:

  • reduce customer friction everywhere in your organization
  • make it easy for customers to find you
  • be lean
  • be responsive…next day is not good enough!
  • create customers who want to work for you
  • weave empathy into the DNA of your company
  • invest in volunteerism…a positive differential advantage

Customer Attraction #2:

  • educate, train and invest in your staff
  • have an awesome website with relevant content, blogs, and tweets
  • communicate with your customers
  • eat your own dog food

Why do these things?

When you get recommended by Google, as a top-rated site:

  1. you are perceived to be a leader and
  2. sales happen.

And, 2 key messages stood out for me:

  1. Be relevant…website visitors reward relevance and
  2. Stories are the fodder of the Internet…especially when they are told by your customers!

Thank you, Jim, for the fine presentation – full of specific ideas, examples, and recommendations. I know from talking with family business folks after your presentation – many people received a lot of value.

Well done!

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