January 27 – Motivating and Managing Inter-Generational Staff Summary

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Keynote Speaker:  Shawn Casemore

At our January 27th luncheon, Shawn highlighted the awareness level of all who attended with regard to inter generational staff.

Although the different generations are initially defined by the range of years that they were born into, there are often factors that come into play.  What you grow up with shapes your view of the world.  We all grow up with different life experiences that create our values and appreciations.

By 2020, 40% of the North American workforce will be millennial (or Gen Y’s).  Their wants and desires in their jobs are different from those of the baby boomers and Gen X’s.  For example, they want a mentor, not a boss and they will leave an organization if their values don’t align.  Therefore, there is an onus on the organization to build an attractive work environment for millennial such as:

  • leaders acting as mentors, not bosses
  • increasing levels of autonomy for employees
  • hiring based on “team fit” rather than “skill”
  • re-designing compensation structures that support role progression

Shawn did an excellent job in raising our awareness and moved us to thinking about new approaches with regards to the millenial work force.

Dave Schnarr, Executive Director CFFB


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