Influencing Powerful People – Thought Post #6

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This week’s Dirk Schlimm quote:

“The fact is that many powerful people successfully overcome conventional wisdom and have the resources to keep their initiatives alive. Most important, one must accept as fact that outright dismissal of the genius is rarely an effective strategy for dealing with their ideas.”


Why can many powerful people overcome conventional wisdom, keep their initiatives alive, maintain concentration and focus, muster enough energy and ultimately succeed in achieving their lofty goals?

There is no quick, easy & simple answer to this question. However, given enough time most intelligent people can obtain the knowledge required to identify many of the components of the answer. And, if people read Dirk’s book then they will save themselves a lot of research and thinking as they come up with those components of business-leadership success.

Here are a few examples of the components:


The Eighth Step Toward Riches – or – The First Mental Trap?


Energy is primal. Your energy is your gift. How are you making the best use of it? 

Goal/Achievement Orientation

5 Thoughts About Achievers & Achievements

Pleasing [enough] Personality

Prevailing Moods & Gauging Character

Technical Competence

There’s a reason the words confidence and competence have a similar ring to them.

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