If I was your CEO, I would…

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Submitted by Rick BakerSpirited Leaders

If I was your CEO, I would:

1. Create an organization chart, clearly spelling out the key roles and activities required for success in 2013 in this industry sector.
2. Create a clear written Vision statement, describing what I want to see in 3 years…complemented by 3 personal stories to help people understand:

  • Why (I want it this way),
  • How (I want people to behave…facets of Character and Values), and
  • What (things are Vital Tasks and Actions.)

3. Set Goals, with first focus on:

4. Put in place the tools that ensure the ability to Measure performance…a Performance Tracking System 
5. Interview/review all staff, starting with the people in key roles, to determine if they are:

6. Create and implement a People development Strategy: for each keeper and quality individual…with attention to:

  • role,
  • role description,
  • reporting,
  • role-in-teams,
  • self-monitoring and self-reporting…and with
  • commitment to self-development,
  • commitment to people & their Talents,
  • commitment to systems (including Measures of Actions and results),
  • commitment to self-development, and
  • commitment to communication improvement.

7. Create and implement an Operations Improvement Strategy: defining desired Client relationships and processes; defining philosophies about Money; clarifying what Service means (and how to deliver it); clarifying what Quality means (and how to deliver it) and clarifying what Profit means (and how to earn and collect it).

In summary…

If I was your CEO, I would set…

  1. the Required Strengths…an org chart picture
  2. the Vision
  3. the Goals
  4. the metrics and Measures for performance tracking
  5. the Right People in the right roles: taking talent to task
  6. the People Development Strategy
  7. the Operations Improvement Strategy

And, I would do those things in that order.

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