February 26th Keynote Summary

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Nahla Kor – CFFB presentation – February 26, 2016
During her visit to CFFB last month, Nahla provided a range of good customer-service ideas. Nahla is a champion for a holistic approach to customer service excellence, which she described as “4P’s with customers at the centre”.
Here’s the picture Nahla presented:


…and some examples of Nahla’s ideas/recommendations:
• Policies – Are your return policies customer-friendly?
• Products/Services – What makes you different?
• People – Who you hire is a reflection of your organization
• Processes – Are you organized in a way that facilitates easy access for your customers to reach you?
Many CFFB members provided very positive feedback on Nahla’s formula for diffusing conflicts [which arise from time to time]:
“When conflicts arise – Take the LEAD”
• Listen
• Empathize
• Ask
• Discuss

Great job, Nahla – thank you for sharing your ideas with our members!

Nahla’s contact details:
Kor Capabilities Consulting
519-886-2606 (office)
519-575-3563 (mobile)


Submitted by: Rick Baker, Spirited Leaders

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