As a non-profit organization we are governed by our Board of Directors, which is formed of family business member volunteers, affiliates and sponsors from within our general membership. It is their role to ensure that the family business community is receiving the value and support they have come to expect from our organization since 1997, and we thank each of them for their contribution.


Donald Linders – Past President


Board Member Since: 2013

Program & Events Committee


Rick Baker – President

Neustyle Software & Systems

Board Member Since: 2008


Sheila Hannon – Director

Systems Plus

Board Member Since: 2006

Chair Membership Committee


Paul Drouillard – Treasurer

Grant Thornton LLP

Board Member Since: 2017

Sponsorship Committee

Graham Taylor – Director

Knapp Fasteners Inc.

Board Member Since: 2019

Chair Communications & Marketing Committee


Scott Wagler – Director

Josslin Insurance

Board Member Since: 2003

Sponsorship Committee


Michelle Hundt-Tupman – Vice President

Great Canadian Holidays & Coaches

Board Member Since: 2012

Membership Committee
Program & Events Committee

Sherry Hempel – Director


Board Member Since: 2018

Program & Events Committee


Amy Finch – Director

McCarter Grespan Lawyers

Board Member Since: 2019

Donna Schwartzentruber – Director

Board Member Since: 2017

Membership Committee


Amy McArthur – Director


Board Member Since: 2019

Janice Ruddock – Executive Director


Alicia Saysinh – Administration & Event Coordinator



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