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Excerpts from a Son-Father Chat

Automation solidifies Processes…to help People and to provide value to People. That’s why automation exists; that’s why automation has ‘gone exponential’.

Automation removes People’s excuses. At least, you’d think that would be the case. On the other hand, to some degree the excuses just change in form. [It is even easier to blame inanimate things than it is to blame other people.]

Regardless, automation is the wave of present change and it will be the wave of future change…because…automation provides value to People.

That’s why Robots have become so popular. Robots do tasks. Robots do processes, step-by-step, moving in a straight line. Unlike People, Robots are linear ‘doers’. Robots have a task and they do that task. No excuses. No confusion. Simply doing what they have been instructed to do. In addition, in comparison to People, Robots do tasks quicker and more accurately.

Delivering value. Quicker. More accurate. No excuses.

Considering these advantages, it’s no wonder Robots have gained such a foothold.

And, considering these advantages, no doubt Robots will continue to take over the workload, replacing People at work.


Now, People still hold some advantages over Robots.

Don’t you agree?



Son – Software Engineer

Father – Mechanical Engineer

Family Business – Helping business leaders solve People & Process problems.

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