Join our family business community and realize the opportunities and benefits of our extensive network.

Apply to be included in our online Advisor Directory.

While inclusion in the directory does not mean CFFB endorsement, application and approval to become an advisor must include the following:

  • 2 letters of reference from family business clients endorsing the support you provided in a specific area(s) of their family and/or their business.
  • commitment to attend at least one breakfast seminar per program year, running September to May, each year you are in the directory.
  • agreement to act as an ambassador of CFFB by introducing and accompanying new and existing clients to Centre events.
  • submit an annual listing fee of $1500 – Includes 1 pass to each of our 7 events.

Advisors can join the Directory at any time by filling out the form below.

Your $1500 annual Advisor fee includes:

Monthly Seminars As an Advisor, you are required to attend at least one breakfast seminar per program year with a family business client. CFFB Advisor registration fee $85 each.

Skill Workshops Participation in our workshops may be used towards collecting continuing education credits in your specific industry. Ask us to look into this for you and request a certificate of completion. CFFB Advisors receive discounted registrations.

Advisor Roundtable Groups In this confidential forum, issues and successes are shared with other family business advisors. Learn more about Roundtables at our information sessions in September and January. Exclusive to CFFB Advisors and Corporate Partner Representatives, additional fee applies.

Online Advisor Directory Listing Profile your services and expertise to the family business community, include an in-depth ‘web-searchable’ description, letters of endorsement, contact information, a link to your website, plus your picture and company logo.

Networking CFFB offers a comfortable and no-pressure environment to learn together and make connections. Participate in permission-based Member-to-Member email announcements (subject to Board approval); highlight a new product or service, open house, news and events that provide value to our Members. Member-to-Member email announcements are distributed with great consideration and respect for our members.

  • Price: $1500.00

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