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Communications & Marketing Committee


This Committee shall promote CFFB through various communications within the CFFB and with potential members, advisors and sponsors and the business community at large. This Committee will support the efforts of the membership and sponsorship committees by creating and distributing professional marketing materials and initiatives.

Membership Committee


This Committee shall focus on retaining current Members and recruiting new Members by developing and distributing marketing materials to promote services, and by monitoring the status of each Member through regular communication.

Program & Events Committee


This Committee shall provide educational opportunities for Members, potential Members and the family business advisor community, that focus on operating a successful family business by initiating, implementing, promoting and evaluating the following service aspects of the Centre:

  • SEMINARS: Monthly events designed to encompass a variety of issues facing families in business. 80% of annual events will cover ‘soft’ issues, while 20% will cover the more technical side of business. These events are marketed to Members of the Centre and to family businesses in the Waterloo Region.
  • SKILLS WORKSHOPS: Designed and marketed to Members of the Centre and the family business community at large. These workshops provide a means of continued education for family business employees who wish to explore specific topics in greater detail.
  • GALA AWARDS: Celebrate and honour family businesses for their successes! This highly anticipated gala evening recognizes innovation, inspiration and dedication to building strong families and better businesses.
  • NETWORKING: This Committee is conscious of the need to facilitate social opportunities and will work to provide networking opportunities in a predominantly social environment.

Sponsorship Committee


This Committee shall focus on retaining current Sponsors by encouraging participation and attendance among Sponsor representatives and by monitoring the status of each Sponsor firm through regular communication. It is the responsibility of this Committee to identify and recruit potential New Sponsors that are complementary to the mission of the Centre.

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