Year Founded: 1986

CFFB Member Since: 2015


Shan-Elle represents a company with an impressive track record. The family owned company got its
start in dairy waste recycling in Ontario, Canada in 1986. At that time the family operated a hog farm,
and they were looking for feed supplements to lower the cost of production. They contacted local food
manufacturers to see what was available. They found a good source of milk product that was being
returned from the stores, back to the manufacturer because it was close to its “sell by date”. The dairy
was opening waste product by hand and asked the family if it could provide that service. They quickly
built some equipment to mechanize this process and started taking the returns. The family continued to
improve its process and in 1990, invested in drying equipment so they could dry the product into a stable,
concentrated, high value commodity. Through much trial and error, they developed the technology to
dry “past date” products. Shan-Elle continues to grow and take on new customers.
Today Shan-Elle handles most of Ontario’s fluid milk waste. Its plant in St. Agatha Ontario is processing
300 tons of milk waste per week. The majority of the product it is currently receiving arrives in consumer
packaging. It has specialized equipment that de-packages and separates the liquid. The Company
then takes the majority of the received product and dries it into milk powder. The milk powder is sold to
manufacturers of hog and veal feed in Ontario and Quebec.
Accomplishments include:
Secured the majority of the market in Ontario, Canada
Achieved registration of its feed with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Passed regular inspections and regulations by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Increased plant efficiency through the use of automation
Constantly improving the quality of the feed product

Contact Information:

1102 Erbs Rd, St. Agatha, ON N0B 2L0

Phone: (519) 886-6816
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