Allan Bush & Derek Henderson


At Bush-Henderson Investment Management Team, we view our clients as our partners.  For over 27 years we have worked closely with our clients adding significant value through all aspects of their financial life, focused on wealth preservation, capacity & legacy.

 Our success in developing lasting client relationships is founded on shared values, a thorough understanding of our clients’ goals and a keen desire to earn their trust and confidence. Our clients are enterprising business people who demand strong investment performance and exceptional service.

 We pride ourselves as our clients principle point of contact for all things financial, providing specialized financial advice, Institutional investment management and customized concierge service to high net worth investors, including entrepreneurs, professionals, family trusts, private charitable foundations and estates. We also serve a select number of institutions as clients.

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Contact Information:

The Bauer Buildings
150 Caroline St. S. 3rd Floor
Waterloo, ON N2L 0A5

Phone: 519-883-5355
Fax: 519-888-6887
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