Family Business Success – Wright Landscape Services

Submitted by Jack Baker – Spirited Leaders When you sink that absolutely amazing putt at the Conestoga Golf Course do you think of the Wright family? Well, if I ever manage to sink a long putt then I will think of the Wright family. Without the Wright family that putt would not be possible. Here’s […]

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Armstrong & Quaile – Family Business Story

Submitted by Spirited Leaders We enjoyed watching and listening to Heather Phillips share her family business story – the Armstrong & Quaile story – at our CFFB breakfast last month. In particular, we were impressed to see and hear about Armstrong & Quaile’s family values. Heather explained, her family business is built on the following […]

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Planning for Succession Checklist

Submitted by Dave Schnarr Involve all stakeholders – consult with and involve key family members, next generation, senior managers, etc. Communicate, communicate, communicate – ensure that all stakeholders know what the process will look like and keep them informed of the progress in each step. The founder/owner takes a leadership role – he/she must actively […]

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Three Key Questions Every Organization Needs to Ask

Submitted by Dave Schnarr Three Key Questions that every Organization needs to ask (and write out the answers): Why does your organization need to exist? For whom does your organization exist? Why is the work of your organization so important? By answering these questions, you’ll provide needed insight towards a strong company strategy and vision.

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Family Business Thoughts Shared by Joan Fisk

Submitted by Rick Baker – Spirited Leaders Joan Fisk shared many personal stories with us at the October 22nd Centre for Family Business breakfast event. Several of Joan’s comments and stories struck chords with the audience. Joan was kind enough to let me share with you some excerpts from her presentation. Joan’s grandfather, Edward Warnock, […]

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