April 20th Family Business Update by Dean Jutzi

Dean Jutzi, Retired from D.H. Jutzi shared the details of selling a family business.  It is a very emotional process.  It is a process that takes a long time including evaluations, presentations, meet and greet events and finally selling of the business. Dean shared that the selling of your family business involves going through the […]

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April 20th The Key Habits of a Successful Family Business Summary

Each family business has the opportunity to design their processes to ensure smooth transitions.  We have to be really intentional to create a new future.  Successful family businesses: plan and are intentional realize the effect of family dynamics on the bottom line can have those difficult conversations Communication is the key along with a large […]

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January 26 – Family Business Story Summary – BobCat of the Tri Cities

Trevor Sloan shared the story of Bob Cat of the Tri Cities with CFFB at our January luncheon,.  Trevor shared the process that he went through starting and growing their family business.  This included the struggles that are encountered along the way. One key insight that Trevor shared with us was the valuable life lessons […]

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January 26 – Communitech and Family Business Seminar – Summary

Iain Klugman, the President and CEO of Communitech shared with CFFB the latest news about what Communitech is involved in.  Communitech began in 1997 the same year that CFFB started.  Both organizations are grounded in a great hard-working community. Communitech is on a mission to stay relevant to its customers and to stay mission driven.  […]

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September 29 – Family Business Story Summary – Sutera

Bernie, from Melloul-Blamey shared information about his new business venture, Sutera which is a waste collection  system. Sutera is looking at new ways to collect dog waster, commercial waste (from restaurants, for example) and many other applications. It is so great to have our local organization on the forefront of breaking environmental solutions. Dave Schnarr, […]

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