January 27 – Motivating and Managing Inter-Generational Staff Summary

Keynote Speaker:  Shawn Casemore At our January 27th luncheon, Shawn highlighted the awareness level of all who attended with regard to inter generational staff. Although the different generations are initially defined by the range of years that they were born into, there are often factors that come into play.  What you grow up with shapes […]

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Sponsor Spotlight Summary – McCarter Grespan Lawyers

Attendees at our April 29th breakfast had the opportunity to learn more about our corporate sponsor McCarter Grespan Beynon Weir PC. Tom Beynon introduced his company, a Kitchener-based boutique law firm that has served local family business people for over 25 years. McCarter Grespan’s team of experienced lawyers provide practical, business-oriented advice for next-generation planning, […]

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April 29th “Playing with Sparks” Summary

Jen Davis – Playing with Sparks Communication is often challenging especially in family businesses. Jen shared a communication model using an interactive approach with the breakfast attendees to assist them in looking at what filters are present when communication is attempted between 2 or more people. Some of the filters that may be present when […]

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April 29th Family Business Story Summary – MRC Wireless

Charlie, Sheri, Martin & Steven shared in presenting the MRC Wireless family business story. As with many family businesses, challenges were faced & dealt with as the company grew to what it is today. Some of the challenges that they worked through were: financial risk management relationships with original partners working through and implementing clauses […]

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