Our annual program is designed to be informative and engaging and to help all attendees gain new insights into their businesses and careers.

We know you will find the speakers entertaining as well as shrewd, our events well run and welcoming and our members, advisors and sponsors always eager to hear from you, and help support your business and growth.

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Creating a Sustainable Saleable Business @ Bingemans Conference Centre
Sep 29 @ 7:00 am – 10:00 am


Keynote Speaker:
Daphne McGuffin, BDO SuccessCare Program

To enhance the value of your business and prepare for its eventual sale or transition to another generation, you must first build and protect three distinct yet overlapping groups of assets:

  • physical capital
  • intellectual capital and
  • social capital.

With the guidance of Daphne McGuffin and the team of professionals at BDO, you will explore the fundamentals of a good business growth and continuity plan that is based on the 3-circle model and provides a balanced approach. You will leave with practical tips and techniques for ensuring you have greater choice around how and when you grow and eventually exit your business.  The overreaching objective is to maximize the return on your years of investment.

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Continuity Planning the Next Generations Views @ Holiday Inn
Oct 27 @ 7:00 am – 10:00 am

Join us as 4 of our 2nd generation members create a panel to discuss issues surrounding their various roles/ages within their family business.

  • Stu Gibson – Gibson Sound & Vision
  • Michelle Hund-Tupman – Great Canadian Holidays and Coaches
  • Leigh Grant – Win-Leader Corp.
  • Joel Melloul – Melloul-Blamey Construction

Panel discussion will be lead by Dave Schnarr.

Breaking Down Silos/Changing Behaviours @ Bingemans Conference Centre
Nov 24 @ 7:00 am – 10:00 am

CFFB is thrilled to have Dave Howlett of as our keynote speaker for November.   RHB (Real Human Being) is a philosophy that allows us to gain self-awareness and achieve personal and business success.

With a 30 year background in sales, business development and leadership, Dave Howlett brings a wealth of business knowledge and human behavior to his humorous and thought-provoking keynote speeches and workshops. Dave is a also a Distinguished Toastmaster and a multiple Ironman athlete.

Each attendee will get one of Dave’s books – book-image


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