Measuring Motivation

Submitted by Rick Baker – Spirited Leaders Motivation def’n: the force that influences people to act Measuring motivation: an ‘ability of consciousness’ that differentiates human beings from other animals You’re human – so, naturally, you measure other people’s motivations. You observe people. And, automatically, you measure their motivations. If you are skilled at measuring motivation then […]

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Creativity & Invention: Building on the Differences

Submitted by Rick Baker – Spirited Leaders Here’s a thought about creativity vis-à-vis right and wrong: creativity is not about right and wrong. If it can be summed up in one word, creativity is about ‘new’. People have different perceptions…because people are different. People have different ideas because people are different. People have different perceptions […]

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Do You Want Your People to be more creative?

Submitted by Rick Baker – Spirited Leaders Bosses complain about people not taking initiative, not taking advantage of opportunities, and not nipping problems in the bud. Bosses observe people doing things right, following the procedures but failing to pick up the fact that in certain situations following the right procedures takes you to the wrong outcome. […]

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Mark Weber visited our Centre For Family Business again

Submitted by Rick Baker – Spirited Leaders Mark Weber is a ‘regular’ guest speaker at CFFB…he has spent time with us once a year for a number of years now. At this year’s February breakfast meeting, Mark’s topic was: ‘Leading & Motivating‘…a topic near and dear to pretty much all of us. One of Mark’s […]

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5 Ways to Boost Civility in the Workplace

Submitted by Mark Hallman – Written by Kathie Must Many say civility has left the workplace.  It may be due in part to the impact of pop culture or it may reflect the increased work demands that strain our patience. Whatever the causes, the drop in civility is troubling.  It creates an unpleasant, unproductive work […]

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