A Tax-Sheltered Holding Company: The Optimum Solution for Most Business Owners

Submitted by Stephen Southern, Ogilvie Daugherty Business Profit Solutions We at Ogilvie Daugherty Business Profit Solutions (ODBPS) talk a lot about tax-sheltered holding companies. It continues to amaze us that most business owners have never considered this powerful financial structure. For most successful business owners a tax-sheltered holding company forms the foundation of their ideal wealth-accumulation strategy. […]

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Retained Earnings: Your Business Keeping Your Stuff

Submitted by Steve Southern, Ogilvie Daugherty Business Profit Solutions Time and again we hear business owners speak of their businesses much like spouses, or second spouses. These allusions to the owner-company relationship as a marriage bear no resemblance to reality. At best they are delusions rather than allusions. The end result generally involves complacency and your company keeping your […]

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Life Can Turn On a Dime: Are You Prepared?

Submitted by Steve Southern, Ogilvie Daugherty Business Profit Solutions What would happen to your company if you became incapacitated? I could toss in some statistics here but that seems like an obvious move. Chances are you have read similar statistics many times before. Life and disability insurance companies have all of these same numbers down to […]

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Larry Smith visits our Centre For Family Business [CFFB]

Submitted by Rick Baker – Spirited Leaders Larry Smith is an economist at UW. When he visited CFFB in January, Larry softened that introduction by letting us know he has experience with family business…he grew up in a small town…he went through the child labour experience. That was the first hint of the presentation uniqueness […]

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Douglas Porter of BMO visits our CFFB

Submitted by Rick Baker – Spirited Leaders Please see the attached link below:…

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