Retained Earnings: Your Business Keeping Your Stuff

Submitted by Steve Southern, Ogilvie Daugherty Business Profit Solutions Time and again we hear business owners speak of their businesses much like spouses, or second spouses. These allusions to the owner-company relationship as a marriage bear no resemblance to reality. At best they are delusions rather than allusions. The end result generally involves complacency and your company keeping your […]

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There are 2 types of busy in business

Submitted by Rick Baker – Spirited Leaders I think there are 2 types of busy in business: There’s good-busy There’s ?-busy When business people tell me they are ‘too-busy’ I am uneasy because I have no place in my brain to file that type of busy. So, I either wonder if they are telling me […]

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6 Ways That Volunteering Can Help Your Career

Submitted by Mark Hallman, written by Kathie Must It’s a busy life. You’re working hard at building your career, balancing your family obligations, staying in shape, pursuing hobbies and finding time to walk the dog.  Is it really worth trying to find an extra few hours each week to volunteer for an organization in your […]

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12 Tips for Balancing Work and Family

Submitted by Mark Hallman – Written by Jennifer Berry Balancing work and family is an issue for almost every family. Yet, there are some strategies that can help employees and families cope. Set priorities. With so many demands on our time, it’s hard to be everything to everyone. You may be juggling a number of […]

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