Measuring Motivation

Submitted by Rick Baker – Spirited Leaders Motivation def’n: the force that influences people to act Measuring motivation: an ‘ability of consciousness’ that differentiates human beings from other animals You’re human – so, naturally, you measure other people’s motivations. You observe people. And, automatically, you measure their motivations. If you are skilled at measuring motivation then […]

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Submitted by Rick Baker – Spirited Leaders I have noticed in people 4 dominant desires. These desires apply to people in business and to people in general: The desire to vent one’s strength. The desire to feel important. The desire to control. The desire to create things of value. The Desire to Vent One’s Strength […]

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Accountability – Match Tasks to Influence [and Strengths]

Submitted by Rick Baker – Spirited Leaders People cannot be fully accountable. Full accountability is an unrealistic expectation. That’s setting the bar too high. There are many reasons why people cannot be fully accountable: they do not have 100% control over themselves; willpower has its good days and its bad days; they cannot exert perfect […]

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When should I delegate work to other people?

Submitted by Rick Baker – Spirited Leaders When you reach a point in your business where you are juggling too many balls and you begin to drop them. When you want to free yourself of work in areas that do not align with your strengths or which you do not enjoy. When you want to […]

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Delegation – That Tightrope Act

Submitted by Rick Baker – Spirited Leaders Delegation of authority and decision-making in business has much in common with walking a tightrope: if your mindset is too cautious then you over-think your way to failure if your mindset is too carefree then you over-step your way to failure when you are learning the skills it […]

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