Simplify Your Actions

Submitted by Rick Baker – Spirited Leaders If you are like most people, 20% of the things you do generate 80% of the results you desire. Stated another way, 80% of the things you do are not essential, not successful, and possibly counterproductive. they do not contribute toward your long-term personal goals & they do […]

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Jim Beretta visits our Centre For Family Business [CFFB]

Submitted by Rick Baker – Spirited Leaders Jim Beretta spoke at our last CFFB breakfast…at The Hub. The topic of the day was “Customer Attraction in the Google Era“. Here’s a summary of some of Jim’s points… Customer Attraction #1: reduce customer friction everywhere in your organization make it easy for customers to find you […]

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My Uncle Jack’s Plus-Minus Theory

Submitted by Baker Investment Group Inc. – Written by Rick Baker On a warm summer afternoon a couple of months ago, I was sitting on my Uncle Jack’s porch…chatting with him about many things, some serious and some definitely-not. That’s when he surprised me by asking, “Haven’t I ever told you my Plus-Minus Theory?” I said “No” […]

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Gratitude in the Workplace

Submitted by Mark Hallman – Written by Kathie Must October is the month of thanksgiving and gratitude. With most adults spending more time at work than anywhere else, the workplace can be a good avenue to direct some of this positive thinking! Although the pay cheque is important, what really keeps us engaged at work […]

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