Our strength is in our people.

We come together regularly to build relationships, have helpful, deep or just joyful conversations, to learn together, to tell our family business stories and to share meals. All our participants – members, sponsors, advisors and guests – both give and receive value when we meet. It is a very special experience, and we hope you will join us, and see the value for yourself!

The Centre for Family Business (CFFB) strives to help business families reach their fullest potential and has become one of Canada’s largest membership-based family business associations. Since 1997, CFFB has been delivering relevant educational programs and providing the necessary support that allows families to achieve their entrepreneurial goals, fulfill their dreams and strengthen their families.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to support, educate and energize family businesses.


Our Goals

Deliver relevant educational programs
Offer consultative support
Provide best-practice information
Honour member achievements
Create opportunities to learn from peers

Nowhere else can Southwestern Ontario family businesses receive such specific, targeted and effective training as at the CFFB. A peer-supported network gives family businesses the tools they need to build healthy families and stronger businesses in a competitive landscape.

Join our family business community and connect with family businesses of all sizes and generations!

From start-up micro to large multi-generational, no matter what “size,” businesses will find the tools and knowledge to strengthen the family and grow the business.

* CFFB membership is exclusive to family businesses. A family business is defined as “two or more family members who are currently working together, or have previously worked together in business.”
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